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Episcopalian Monk Visits St. Mark's

Dan Bammes
Brother Jim Dowd of Holy Cross Monastery

  St. Mark’s Cathedral in Salt Lake City is hosting a rare visit from an Episcopalian monk this week.  Among other things, Brother Jim Dowd will be overseeing a Lenten retreat on Saturday. 

King Henry the 8th abolished monasteries when he became head of the Church of England in the 1500’s.  But about 150 years ago, the first communities of monks and nuns in the Anglican communion were established in Britain and shortly afterward in the United States.  Brother Jim Dowd joined the Holy Cross Monastery in West Park, New York just five years ago.  He’s now their Director of Outreach and Peace Ministries.

During his visit to Salt Lake City, Brother Dowd will be speaking in several worship services as well as conducting Saturday’s retreat.  The importance of community among Christians is one of his messages.

“I’m not against social media and the internet and all those things," Brother Dowd tells KUER.  "I use all those things.  I believe in that.  They can be a great blessing of our modern age.  They can also be a curse, or definitely misunderstood.  Community, to have genuine community, you have to be face to face with people.”

In addition to his public work, Brother Dowd will be meeting with individuals for confession and spiritual direction during his visit.  Those appointments can be arranged by calling St. Mark’s directly.

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