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5/24/07: Joe and Lee Bennion

Lee Bennion's \"Self in Studio\"

Spring City, UT – In 1977, Joe and Lee Bennion took their honeymoon in Central Utah and when they came upon Spring City, they knew they had found their home. 30 years later, the couple continue to live and work in town - using the environs as inspiration for Joe's pottery and Lee's painting. Thursday on RadioWest, we wrap-up our week in Spring City with a conversation with the Bennions. Doug talks to Joe and Lee about art, process, and their relationship with their community.

Visit Joe and Lee Bennion's web-site.

The Friends of Historic Spring City will host their annual Heritage Day on Saturday, May 26th. For tickets and information on home tours, click here or call 435-462-2211 or 435-462-3454.

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