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Meet The 15-Foot Dinosaur Living Downtown

Photo of Dino House.
Claire Jones / KUER
Ammon Smith and his wife have been creating large-scale Halloween builds for half a decade. This year's theme? Jurassic Park.

Some people go all out for Halloween costumes, putting hours into huge, elaborate outfits. Others prefer to dress up something else — their front yard. One Salt Lake family has been pulling out over-the-top decorations for the past six years, this year featuring a massive T-Rex, front and center.

Claire used to work as an outdoor education teacher — living in the middle of the woods for six months of the year and then filling in the rest with odd jobs. When she first moved to Utah in 2016 for a winter season, it was the first place she could envision staying for more than 6 months. Podcasts and radio filled in the hours moving in between states. In fact, Claire loved working seasonally and podcasts so much, that she began making her own podcast about seasonal life. She then decided to apply for an internship with RadioWest. When she stepped into the station, it was the second time she could see herself in Utah for more than 6 months. Now Claire works as a production assistant and a weekend host. She’s excited to stay for a while.
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