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Corroon Endorses Propostion #1, Defends Against Pending Lawsuit

Salt Lake County

Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon endorsed the Regional Park and Trails bond today during an open house at the Northwest Recreation center. If approved, The Regional Park and Trails bond, or Proposition #1, authorizes the county to issue a $47 million dollar bond. The money would be used to help finish the Jordan River Parkway Trail, Parley’s Trail, and build three new regional parks. Salt Lake County Mayor Peter Corroon says the benefits of approving the proposition far outweigh the property tax increase.

“You know even for those of limited means they’re the ones who can take the most advantage of these parks. They don’t cost anything to go to, the trails are free as well. And at the end of the day they can spend a lot of time with their family together,” he says.

A group of citizens has filed a lawsuit against the county claiming that they broke several laws related to issuing bonds. They also say they’re worried that the county won’t actually use the bond money for parks but instead divert it to other projects. But Corroon says that’s simply just not true.

“We’ve advertised that we’re going to use it for these projects so we would probably end up in a lawsuit if we didn’t use it for these projects. So I think they’re a little premature if they think that we’re going to spend it somewhere else,” he says.

On average the bond will increase county property taxes about $6 per year for 20 years. 

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