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Utah Lake Commission Hopes to Speed Up Carp Removal

Utah Lake Commission
Fisherman Bill Loy and his crew removing carp from Utah Lake

The Utah Lake Commission thinks it can finish the job of reducing the carp in the lake if it can get some help from the Utah legislature. 

  For years, the Utah Lake Commission has been paying a commercial fisherman to remove thousands of tons of carp from Utah Lake.  But it’s asking for $7.5 million from the state to help reach its goal of reducing the carp population by 75%.

Commission Director Reed Price says that work has been supported with federal grants and other funding, but the people of Utah own the lake and it’s time for the state to step up.

“Those sources have been drying up," Reed tells KUER, "and the progress that we’ve made, we don’t want to lose.  So we’re approaching the legislature, saying, ‘Partner with us.  Help us out. Step up to the plate and make sure that this moves forward and is successful.”

Carp were introduced to Utah Lake in the 1880’s and their population exploded, limiting the number of other species such as bass and catfish.  A new study from the Environ Corporation says a 7.5 million dollar investment could yield economic benefits to the state of more than 94-million dollars.

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