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New Dealership Means Provo-Made Autocycles Can Sell In Utah

Courtesy Vanderhall Motor Works

A new dealership has opened in Salt Lake City to sell luxury autocycles that are built here in Utah.

Vanderhalls look like a hybrid between a car and a motorcycle. The three-wheeled roadsters compare to models like the Polaris Slingshot. But Vanderhalls are pretty pricey—they’re assembled by hand at the company’s facility in Provo and some models are built with carbon fiber bodies.

Utah law does not allow auto manufacturers to sell directly to the public, which was a hurdle for the company.

“We understood that it was not going to be a business model that was going to entice dealers to basically come on board with us,” says Daniel Boyer, Vanderhall’s sales director.

He says that’s because the vehicles are expensive.

“At $50-$77,000 for a toy that has absolutely no utility, but brings a smile to your face when you drive it, it’s a tough sell in the power sports industry,” Boyer says.

But Vanderhall has created a cheaper model that fits in at market value at $30,000 and will begin selling later this month. It also sells models through dealers in several other states, including Texas and Florida. And on Tuesday Vanderhall of Salt Lake opened its doors to the public.

Wayne Dupied owns the dealership and opened it right next door to his motorcycle rental business on California Avenue. 

“We’re going to rent these as well,” Dupied says. “So if you don’t want to buy one you can always come and rent one.”

Dupied says customers who decide to go ahead with a purchase can also place orders for custom-made models.

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