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Jon came to KUER by way of Los Angeles, where he was a freelance reporter and production assistant for NPR member station KCRW. He received a master’s degree in journalism from the University of Southern California. Prior to reporting, he spent six years in the film industry as an editor and post production coordinator, and worked on everything from Hollywood blockbusters to independent documentaries. He mostly preferred the latter, until the slow gravitational pull of public radio drew him away altogether. At KUER, he covers a little bit of everything, paying special attention to quality of life issues and the economy.

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Photo of a campus map on the Utah State University campus
Brian Albers / KUER

The Utah System of Higher Education Board of Regents voted Thursday to raise tuition at seven of the state’s eight public universities. 

Photo of the outside of the University of Utah Hospital building
Wikimedia Commons

As the number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the U.S. continues to increase, Utah’s hospitals and doctors are preparing for a surge that many predict is inevitable. 

Illustration of a woman with long blue hair hugging her knees sitting in a cage
Ponomariova_Maria /

In light of statewide recommendations to remain at home in order to slow the spread of coronavirus, domestic abuse calls have been on the rise over the last two weeks, according to the Salt Lake City Police Department.

Photo of people standing near a school bus and a cart holding packaged food
Jon Reed / KUER

The coronavirus outbreak is still relatively under control in Utah compared to other states. As of Friday afternoon, 112 people in the state had tested positive for the disease but officials warn the worst is still ahead.

Photo of Piper Down pub from outside
Jon Reed / KUER

As the economic toll of social distancing weighs on bars and restaurants, Gov. Gary Herbert issued an executive order Wednesday evening to make it easier for them to return the alcohol they bought in March but can no longer sell.

Photo of a school bus
Tina Carter / Millard County School District

As schools and businesses gear up for closures, school districts in Utah are looking for ways to keep learning going outside the classroom.

Photo of a woman talking at a podium.
Jon Reed / KUER

Updated 11:27 a.m. MDT 3/15/2020

Gov. Gary Herbert announced Friday afternoon that all public schools in the state will be dismissed starting Monday, March 16. 

Three photos cropped together to show the Southern Utah University, University of Utah and Utah Valley University campuses
KUER file

On Thursday, state officials made recommendations for all public universities to suspend large gatherings, restrict non-essential travel and move classes online to help limit the spread of coronavirus.

Photo of 2020 Census form header.
liveslow /

Beginning Thursday, Utah households will start receiving a notice in the mail to fill out the 2020 U.S. Census. The attempt to count everyone in the country happens once a decade and affects how billions of Federal dollars are distributed. 

Photo of people gathered in the hall of the Utah Capitol building
Jon Reed / KUER

Tourism is a big business in Utah. In 2018 alone, the industry generated $9.75 billion and brought in travelers from all over the world. That included a record number of visitors to the state’s national parks and ski resorts. 

Photo of a man standing in front of a display case
Jon Reed / KUER

Dragonfly Wellness, Utah’s first medical cannabis pharmacy, officially opened for business Monday. 

Photo of U.S. Capitol under blue sky.
Nicole Nixon / KUER

State lawmakers are considering a number of plans to reduce prescription drug costs this session, including a bill that would cap insulin copays and another that would allow the state to import drugs from other countries. 

Photo of the Utah State Department of Health building.
Andrea Smardon / KUER

Utah’s medical cannabis program is set to launch this weekend, with patients able to apply for a medical marijuana card online as early as Sunday morning. 

Animated image depicting dinosaurs
Courtesy of the Utah Department of Natural Resources

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) packed up and moved an 18,000-pound sandstone block full of dinosaur bones Wednesday.

Photo of a sign that reads "historic downtown provo"
Wikimedia Commons

Provo city leaders narrowly voted last Tuesday to allow breweries in parts of the downtown area, sparking a broader debate over the changes residents want to see. And two days later, opponents of the decision filed a referendum to put the issue to voters. 

Photo of two women looking at presctriptions.
Jon Reed / KUER

When Stephanie Arceneaux and Raune Palmer met for the first time, it was to trade prescription drugs. 

Image of scouts uniform. / AmyKerk

In what’s been characterized by some as an attempt to shield itself from the roughly 300 active sexual abuse cases it’s currently facing, the Boy Scouts of America filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy Tuesday. 

Photo of Peter Stamos and Jon Westling
Jon Reed / KUER

Listen to the story here.

Utah has a mixed record when it comes to caring for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities, according to Case for Inclusion 2020, a national report from United Cerebral Palsy and the ANCOR Foundation which measures how well states are supporting people with disabilities. 

Photo of the Office of Legislative Research and General Counsel building
Jon Reed / KUER

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The attorneys who write bills that become Utah laws are always swamped during the legislative session. They work long hours and weekends, and often through the January and February holidays, including the upcoming President’s Day. 

Photo of cannabis plants.

A bill introduced in the State Senate Wednesday is looking to clear criminal records for those who’ve been convicted of offenses related to marijuana possession. 

S.B.121, sponsored by Evan Vickers, R-Cedar City, would expunge the records of those who’ve used marijuana medicinally, though would not apply to anyone caught dealing or selling it or those with felony charges. 

marijuana leaf. / Darren415

Utah is one step closer to launching its medical marijuana program as the Department of Health announced Monday medical providers may pre-register with the state ahead of the official rollout March 1.

Photo of Orem from above

It’s no secret Utah is booming, and Utah County is expected to grow more than any other. By 2065, it’s projected to add more than one million people, accounting for 37% of the state’s population growth.

Photo of Main Street in Park City, UT during Sundance.
Jon Reed / KUER

The Sundance Film Festival brings in tens of thousands of people to the streets of Park City. And for many of the area’s small businesses, it’s one of the biggest weeks of the year. 

Sundance After #MeToo

Jan 30, 2020
Photo of Drew Dixon sitting on a couch in front of windows.
Courtesy of "On the Record" film team

The legacies of the Sundance Film Festival and Harvey Weinstein are deeply entwined. Weinstein made some of his greatest finds at the festival — films such as “Reservoir Dogs” and “Sex, Lies, and Videotape” — which not only helped establish the festival’s reputation as a top market for independent talent but his own as one of the most powerful producers in Hollywood. 

Photo of the lead actor in "The Killing of Two Lovers" film standing outside in front of a red truck and a pile of branches on the ground.
Courtesy of "The Killing of Two Lovers" film team

Since Robert Machoian moved to Utah four years ago, he said he’s been thinking a lot about moral conflicts. That is, he’s become increasingly aware of how people navigate wanting to do the right thing and living according to their values, but so often run into challenges as they confront others who don’t share their view of the world.

Photo of a man lying on a bed wearing brightly patterned clothes.
From "Film About a Father Who"

Park City got a glimpse into the complicated personal life of a local legend Friday. The flamboyant developer and entrepreneur Ira Sachs Sr. is profiled in a documentary that premiered opening night of the Slamdance Film Festival. 

Photo of large pile of material to be recycled.
Jon Reed / KUER

Utah has a recycling problem: we're not very good at it.

That was easy to see while walking among the crowded conveyor belts and mountains of trash on a recent tour of the Waste Management Material Recovery Facility (MRF) in West Jordan.

Photo of the Tooele County District Court building.
Google Street View

Not much is known yet about the motives behind the shooting last weekend in Grantsville. The suspect though is 16-year-old Collin Haynie, accused of killing his mother and three of his siblings in their family home. 

Photo of air pollution
Brian Albers / KUER

Earlier this month, Utah researchers unveiled their plan to help the state fight climate change. They called it the Utah Roadmap and laid out seven key “mileposts” the state should pass to improve air quality and address the impacts of climate change.

Photo of a sign that reads "open house" on a front lawn.
Brian Albers / KUER

2020 marks the ninth year of Utah’s economic expansion. And with it comes a lot of benefits, like near record-low unemployment and more economic opportunity, according to James Wood, a senior fellow at the University of Utah’s Kem C. Gardner Policy Institute.