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Jim Matheson Criticizes Mia Love's Fiscal Record as Mayor of Saratoga Springs

Democratic Congressman Jim Matheson criticized fiscal decisions made by his opponent, Republican fourth congressional candidate Mia Love, Monday, as Mayor of Saratoga Springs.

During a press conference at his campaign headquarters in West Jordan, Matheson criticized Mia Love’s record of increasing taxes while Mayor of Saratoga Springs. He says it shows that her actions don’t match her campaign rhetoric of lowering taxes.

“She’s voted to increase taxes 116% one year, 21% the next, and 13% the next. I don’t know of anyone in Utah who would be happy with their property taxes going up at that rate,” he says.

But in an email to KUER, Saratoga Springs assistant city manager, Spencer Kyle refuted those numbers. He wrote that while the 2008 – 2009 budget did include a property tax increase of about 116%, it’s the only time in the city’s history that property taxes were raised by action of the city council. Any other increase in property tax rates is due to Utah state law that says property tax revenue must remain the same each year. That accounts for the yearly fluctuations in tax rates due to increases or decreases of home values.

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