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Scott Howell: Withdraw Troops From Afghanistan Now

Democratic U.S. Senate candidate Scott Howell vowed his support for the American military Wednesday saying the withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan is long overdue.

Howell pointed to the cost of the war in Afghanistan, both in American lives and in money, as he vowed to make sure all troops are withdrawn from the country as soon as possible. Howell even criticized President Barack Obama’s lack of action.

“I’m suggesting that the President has to stand up to his commitment that he made earlier to get us out of Afghanistan by the end of his presidency. He’s let us down on that. And now we need to go forward and make that a reality,” he said.

The president wasn’t the only politician Howell criticized. He also went after his opponent, Republican Senator Orrin Hatch, saying he recently voted against a motion to move the Veterans Jobs Corps Act forward. But In an email to KUER, Hatch’s press secretary, Matthew Harakal, wrote that the bill failed because it broke through budget caps set by the Budget Control Act. He also says Hatch supported an alternative bill that didn’t cost as much money.

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