3. Impossibly United | KUER 90.1

3. Impossibly United

Nov 27, 2018

There’s a place where we all start to figure out which tribes we belong to. The decisions we make there feel like life or death. And, in a way, it is — those choices really will affect us for years to come, as we continue to decide where we belong and where we don’t. This place is, of course … high school. In this episode, we ask: “Can you unite an entire high school?” Seems impossible, right? But that didn’t stop one group of students.

Andrea talks to teacher Bonnie O’Brien and students from East High School in Salt Lake City about cliques, divisions, unequal opportunities and the solutions they come up with.


In Episode Three, we hear about students getting out of their comfort zones in the lunchroom. Think about the people in your community. What are the lunch tables in your life? What could you gain from sitting at a table you don’t normally sit at?

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