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State Senator Urges Public to Contact Legislator in Support of Anti-Discrimination Bill

Sen. Steve Urquhart, R - St. George

Sen. Stephen Urquhart, R - St. George, is asking the public to let their state senator and representative know that they are in favor of his anti-discrimination bill. SB 100 would protect LGBT people from discrimination in housing and in the workplace. This week leadership in both the House and Senate have mentioned that bills relating to LGBT issues might not be heard because of the state’s pending case over its ban on same-sex marriage. But Urquhart says this is the sixth year a non-discrimination bill has been run and has nothing to do with the case against same-sex marriage.

“I’d like to point out that while there is significant disagreement over the issue of same-sex marriage there is not significant disagreement over the issue of discrimination," he says. "This is something that the majority of Utahns consistently supports. And that’s the job of legislative bodies, is to do the will of the people.”

Urquhart says the issue was relevant before the court case and will continue to be relevant no matter how the 10th circuit court rules.

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