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8 Great 'Shutdown Pickup Lines'

When a government shutdown loomed in 2011, the Twitterverse had some fun with #govtshutdownpickuplines.

They're back!

Here are some of the better, slightly naughty ones we're seeing (we also also checked #shutdownpicklines):

-- " You're all the stimulus I need."

-- " I'm on furlough from the TSA. Want me to wand you?"

-- " Do you work for the government? Because you shut. it. down."

-- " Where have you been sequestered all my life?"

-- " Do you not carry health insurance? Because you've got 'fine' written all over you."

-- " My resolution continues ALL NIGHT."

-- " The IRS is suspending all audit activities. But I'll still check you out."

-- " The only thing nonessential about you are those pants."

There's also some tweeting about about #ifgovernmentshutsdown. Here's one of those:

-- " #ifgovernmentshutsdown then who's going to read my emails before me?"

Feel free to add some lines of your own in the comments thread. (Just don't go all "adult" on us, please!)

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