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45 Days Live: Conversations With The Mayoral Candidates

Photo of KUER's Mayoral Candidate Conversations.
Brian Albers/KUER

We know a couple things already about who the capital city’s next mayor will be. She’ll be a Democrat, and she’ll be a woman. Over the next four years, she’ll also have the chance to lead the city on big issues like air quality, homelessness and the inland port.

City Councilwoman Erin Mendenhall and state Senator Luz Escamilla are each campaigning for the open seat. 

For a special episode of 45 Days, we sat down with both candidates over two consecutive evenings to talk about some of the most pressing issues facing the city in front of a live audience. 


In the first half of the program, we’ll talk with Erin Mendenhall. Then we hear from Luz Escamilla.


Voters will decide who will lead the city on Nov. 5. 

Nicole Nixon holds a Communication degree from the University of Utah. She has worked on and off in the KUER Newsroom since 2013, when she first joined KUER as an intern. Nicole is a Utah native. Besides public radio, she is also passionate about beautiful landscapes and breakfast burritos.
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