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Daybreak Gets 1 Gig Fiber Internet Service

Photo of homes at Daybreak.

The Daybreak community in South Jordan is joining the growing list of areas that offer 1 gigabit fiber internet service.

Fiber internet connections capable of offering users download and upload speeds up to 1 gigabit per second are slowly growing in popularity and availability across Utah. That growth is normally attributed to organizations such as UTOPIA, and Google Fiber. But the Daybreak community’s new 1 gig service will be coming from CenturyLink, which is beginning to make a stronger push into offering residential fiber. Jeremy Ferkin is CenturyLink’s Vice President of Opereations for Utah. He says expanding residential fiber in Utah is just one part of a three-pronged approach.

“As we drive it with government applications, as we drive it with private institutions, you know businesses, as well as driving it with residential, it becomes a gig economy fueling itself and absolutely growing an economy and putting it on an exponential scale,” he says.

In 2005 Daybreak entered into an agreement with CenturyLink to bring fiber connections to every home as they were built. That agreement requires each resident to pay $33 a month for basic internet service. Now, to get 1 gig speed, they’ll have to pay an additional $118 a month.

Cameron Jackson is the marketing manager for Daybreak. He says even at that price he expects plenty of residents to sign on.

“As it rolls out and as the way people use the internet continues to change, there will be more people who see the opportunity in this for those high bandwidth type applications,” he says.

Ferkin says CenturyLink expects to have fiber rolled out to almost 500 Utah communities by the end of the year, but it will mostly be in new developments with agreements like the one they have with Daybreak. 

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