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Donald Trump Visits Salt Lake City, Hits Back At Mitt Romney

Brian Grimmett
Donald Trump speaks in Salt Lake City

Republican Presidential frontrunner Donald Trump paid a visit to Utah ahead of Tuesday’s caucus to help rally his supporters to show up and vote for him.

Outside of the venue in downtown Salt Lake City protestors held up signs and shouted anti-Trump slogans. But inside, hundreds of supporters gave Donald Trump a warm welcome.

Trump wasted little time before hitting back at Mitt Romney, who just a few weeks ago became one of the loudest anti-Trump voices in the Republican party.

“I have many friends that live in Salt Lake. I have a lot of friends. I have a lot of friends. By the way, Mitt Romney is not one of them. Did he choke? Did this guy choke? He’s a choke artist. I can’t believe. Are you sure he’s a Mormon? Are we sure?”

Trump also lobbed numerous attacks at fellow Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz. He mostly called him a liar, but also accused him of being in the hands of lobbyists.

David Roberts was one of the hundreds of people that came out to see Trump. He says the fact that Trump is self-funding his campaign is one of the big reasons he supports him.

“What I’m mostly concerned about is how the rich people always get their way with the presidents and stuff like that. It’s been going on for years. But Donald Trump, they can’t do that. You know what I mean? They can’t pay for it.”

Other notable Trump supporters that came out to the event include Utah House Speaker Greg Hughes and State Senator Stuart Adams.

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