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Utah GOP Expecting Record Turnout For Presidential Caucus


The Utah Republican Party is expecting record breaking turnout for their neighborhood caucus meetings Tuesday night, due mainly to the heated presidential race.

Utah Republican Party Chair James Evans says they’re expecting as many as 200 thousand Republicans to participate in Tuesday’s caucus meetings

“Utah clearly is in play for the presidential election and there’s a lot of energy and enthusiasm around that,” he says.

This year Republicans have a couple of different ways they can participate. They can go in person, send an absentee ballot, or new this year, they can vote online.

“We believe with those three options there’s no reason for someone to not participate if they want to,” he says.

Some have raised concerns that online voting is highly susceptible to fraud, but Evans says party officials are confident it will work as planned.

“We’ve vetted this pretty closely," he says. "And we’ve asked ourselves are the concerns in the realm of probability, or just hypothetical?”

Utah has 40 Republican presidential delegates at stake. If any one candidate can get a majority of votes, they’ll receive all of them. If not, they’ll be distributed proportionally.

But Utah Republicans won’t just be selecting their choice for president on Tuesday. They’ll also be gathering to select delegates who will vote for legislative and state-wide races, such as Governor, at the state convention on April 23.

More information about the Republican caucus meetings can be found at

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