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Website Offers Personal Air Quality Advice

Tim Brown / Creative Commons
Winter air pollution blankets Salt Lake City

Should you still go out for that run on days when Utah’s air quality is questionable?  A new website may be able to answer that question, based on your own health and exercise needs. 

The developers of the MyAir website made a presentation to the Utah Air Quality Board this week, explaining their system for evaluating the individual risk of exposure to air pollution.  It’s based on the user’s health and fitness level as well as on the air quality on any given day.

Doctor Eric Wood with the University of Utah’s Center for Occupational and Environmental Health, says it will help patients make good decisions about exercise and sending their kids outside.

"From my perspective as a physician, I think it does offer me the opportunity to share with my patients and with the general public this tool to help them guide their own activity levels in a very effective manner," Dr. Wood told the board.

Users enter their own health information on the site, which then compares it to data from the Environmental Protection Agency on air quality.  The developers of the MyAir website say they hope to have a mobile phone app available soon.

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