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Utah Cutthroat Slam: Spurring Interest In Wild Places

The Utah Cutthroat Slam puts a spotlight on the four types trout that are native to Utah lakes and streams. It’s a unique partnership between the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the conservation group, Trout Unlimited.

TU spokesman Brett Prettyman says the program isn’t just fun for anglers eager to catch Utah’s only native sport fish.

“Of course, when you’re protecting fish and helping them survive, then you’re also helping the other animals in that environment that rely on water,” he says. “And we all live downstream. So, if we’re helping fish, we’re helping everybody.”

Taking part in this slam simply means signing up for it and taking snapshots each time you catch a different type of Utah native cutthroat: the Yellowstone, the Colorado River, the Bear River or the Bonneville, which is the state fish. Licensed anglers who participate can try to catch all of the fish this summer, or take their time.

Anglers who can show they’ve caught all four types get a special medal -- and bragging rights. But Prettyman says there are other benefits too, especially for kids.

“Something like this,” he says, “is a great opportunity for a family to say, ‘You know what, let’s do this together, let’s have some fun,’ and to get them out and see the wonders of our state and experience the thrill of seeing a fish and then hooking it and letting it go.”

A $20 fee to take part in the slam will raise money for conservation projects and help these native fish thrive.

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