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It’s been about a year since COVID-19 was declared a global pandemic and Utah had its first cases. What was the moment you knew this was serious? What’s your life been like in the year since? What’s changed for you the most? Did you get COVID-19? Have you been or do you plan to get vaccinated?KUER is collecting listener stories reflecting on a year of COVID-19. Leave us a message at (801) 609-1163.

A Year Apart: Utahns Reflect On Their Lives Since The Pandemic Began

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Utahns share their stories about how life has changed since the pandemic began last March.

In March 2020, the first COVID-19 cases were reported in Utah. Since then, the state has seen more than 383,000 infections and nearly 2,100 Utahns have died from the virus. Now, after a year apart, some residents share their stories, reflecting on how their lives have changed since the pandemic began.

Casey Thredgold, Salt Lake City

“I did test positive for the coronavirus. I lost my job earlier in March. It has been tough just in general. The mental toll has been a lot more than anything physical.”

James Longstaff

“I actually feel my life has improved since the pandemic started. I've been working from home more and I just really enjoy spending time by myself. I garden on the weekends and I like to rollerblade by myself.”

Diane Bradford, Salt Lake City

“What have I missed? Hugs. Well, a whole lot of things. My mom died. That was expected. My honorary mom also died. That was very unexpected. It's been a year of learning about resilience and loss and grief.”

Meghan Nestel

“I got a job teaching at a middle school. Doing this school where you teach online and in-person at the same time is exhausting. But I have been so amazed at all the kids. This is hard stuff going through it even as an adult and to watch all of these soon to be teenagers is pretty incredible.”

José Rodriguez, Salt Lake City

“I did lose my dad to COVID-19. I have recently got the vaccine. That day was also a very emotional day because it was definitely a day where I thought about my dad a lot and how I might have been the one that had taken him to get his vaccine.”

Ross Terrell is the managing editor at KUER.
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