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Election 2008: Tom Hayden Compares 1968 and 2008 Conventions

By Jon Kovash

Denver, CO – Despite a forty-year gap, the Democratic National Convention taking place in Denver this week is often compared to the DNC of 1968 in Chicago. Both conventions played host to anti-war protestors, first against Vietnam, and now against Iraq.

Tom Hayden, an activist in Chicago whose later claim to fame was marrying Jane Fonda, described the events of the 1968 DNC for Jon Kovash of KUER radio.

"It ended in disaster because the government then thought they could bully their way against protests at home against the war. They wouldn't grant permits [for protestors]," Hayden said.

"We had a very stark choice: either surrender and bow down, or stand up and say we have a moral permit," Hayden added.

In contrast, Denver DNC authorities have given 96 event permits and provided extensive street closures for protestors. They are enforcing, however, an 11 p.m. curfew.

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