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Another Salt Lake District Announces Higher Teacher Pay

May 3, 2018

A school district just south of Salt Lake City has announced a bump in salary following Jordan’s teacher raise announcement last week. Teachers in Granite School District will get a 2.5 percent increase along with a new medical perk.

A teacher salary ripple effect seems to be playing out again this year. Last spring, following a raise by Jordan District, Granite announced an 11 percent raise across the board by increasing local taxes.


District spokesperson Ben Horsley said the raise has paid off.


“We’re seeing a teacher shortage here in the state of Utah but we have been able to draw a number of teachers from out of district and out of state," Horsley said.


This year, the raise is more modest. Without raising taxes, Granite teachers will get a 2.5 percent cost of living increase plus a one percent bonus paid out in the fall. Beginning salary is now $41,920 with a high end salary of $81,070.



The district is sending a message that salaries are still a priority, especially in light of teacher walkouts in neighboring Arizona and other mostly Republican-led states.


Something entirely new that Granite will be offering teachers soon is a district-owned medical facility.

“Basically an 'instacare' type facility where employees can get free prescriptions, free primary care and non-urgent care.”

An old Mormon seminary building in West Valley will be renovated to house the new medical facility. Horsley said it should be available to district employees and their families by the beginning of 2019.