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Congressman-elect Chris Stewart OK with Armed Teachers


In response to almost 200 teachers participating in a free concealed carry course offered on Thursday, Republican Congressman-elect Christ Stewart says he’s for the idea, as long as the individual and school district are on board.

Stewart says when he gets to congress he’s going to do what he can to protect 2nd amendment rights. And while he doesn’t think all teachers should have to carry a gun, he says it’s not necessarily a bad idea.

“If a school district chooses that this is a good option for them and if the individuals decide I’m comfortable doing that, I think that’s great and I think that might be helpful,” he says.

Stewart also says he believes that the solution to gun violence is a lot more complex than that and that it doesn’t have a simple answer. He says that society is to blame, not assault rifles and high capacity magazines.

“The core to this problem is the breakdown in our families in many cases," he says. "It’s the breakdown in mental health services provided to people who need help. It’s the culture of violence that’s expanding so much in our society.”

Stewart takes the oath of office on January 3rd and will represent Utah’s 2nd congressional district that covers Salt Lake City and Western Utah all the way to St. George.

In this Salt Lake Tribune article Stewart contradicts what he told KUER and says that he thinks arming teachers is a bad idea.

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