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Where Are They Now? Get To Know KUER's Past Interns


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Where Are They Now?

Meet some of KUER's past and present interns.

Emily Anderson

Emily Anderson

Education Reporter and Weekend Editor, Standard-Examiner | Ogden, UT

News Intern, Fall 2016 | RadioWest Intern, Spring 2017

“I graduated from the University of Utah in 2019 with degrees in communication and Middle East studies after serving as executive editor of the school's student newspaper, The Daily Utah Chronicle. I am currently the education reporter as well as night and weekend editor at the Standard-Examiner in Ogden. Without the opportunity of interning at KUER from 2016 to 2017, I doubt I would be where I am today. The internship gave me a good grounding in finding and reporting on news, doing in-depth research on topics of interest and working with multiple forms of media to tell stories – I was even able to help report on a presidential election with the KUER crew. I made invaluable connections with reporters and producers at KUER who I continue to look up to. Through a fellowship from the university, I was fortunate enough to be paid while I gained this resume-building experience, allowing me to take time away from my on-campus job.”

Austen Diamond

Benjamin Bombard

RadioWest Producer | 2011-Present

RadioWest Intern, Summer-Fall 2005, Fall 2009 | News Intern, Summer 2007

“What’s kept me here is that I love radio. I really do. And the other reason is that I love this place. I was born and raised in Utah, I live half a mile from my childhood home and half a mile from my high school. I love this place, I feel blessed to call this not just home but my birthplace. There’s so much to love and there're so many stories here. I'm endlessly excited about the opportunities to tell more stories about what this place is and who it is.”

Brian Grimmett

Brian Grimmett

Energy and Environment Reporter, Kansas News Service and KMUW | Wichita, KS

News Intern, 2011 | KUER Reporter, 2012-2016

"My time at KUER was life changing. While I was aware of public radio before I did my internship, it wasn’t at the top of my career goals. I wanted to report on sports on TV. I was newly married and applied for the internship because it was offering a small stipend, rare for journalism internships. While my motives may not have been pure from the start, I instantly fell in love with the medium and the mission.

My internship at KUER provided me with a real world opportunity to report and get on the air. It taught me valuable lessons about what is news, how to cover it and why the work we were doing mattered. I can still hear the words of then News Director Terry Gildea when I’m struggling to find sources for a story. He’d tell me in a fake, old-timey reporter voice, “Shoe leather! You’ve got to be there!”

I loved my internship so much I refused to leave. I eventually hung around long enough to convince them to hire me full-time.

During my time at KUER I was fortunate to be surrounded by amazing journalists who mentored me with patience and love, even though they didn’t have to. The skills I learned there have served me well in my career. I now work as the energy and environment reporter for the Kansas News Service and KMUW based in Wichita, Kansas. Every day I lean on the skills and lessons I learned at the beginning of my career as I now report on important issues surrounding climate change, energy production and the environment for the whole state of Kansas."

Courtesy Palak Jayswal

Palak Jayswal

Digital Editor, KUER | 2020-Present

NextGenRadio Alumna, Summer 2020

“I’m really thankful to the person who sent me the Next Gen application. I remember going back and forth about whether I should apply, and I went ahead and did it and it’s completely changed my life.”

Landon Adams

Morgan Keller

Events Assistant, SLUG Magazine | Salt Lake City, UT

Marketing Intern, Fall 2016-Spring 2018

“I loved interning at KUER and am so grateful for the skills and connections I cultivated there. My experience has allowed me to continue to elevate the local community as the Events Assistant at SLUG Mag!”

Courtesy Jessica Lowell

Jessica Lowell

General Assignment Reporter and Sunday Weekend Edition Host, KPCW | Park City, UT

News Intern, Spring/Summer 2020

"After interning at KUER, I started working at KPCW News, an NPR Affiliate in Park City. I’m a general assignment reporter and Sunday Weekend Edition host.

My time in the station was less than conventional due to the pandemic, and I got to know the KUER team mostly through Zoom and Slack. I was taught to work efficiently under pressure, voice stories and ultimately become a better writer.

Within my first month of interning, I was asked to voice my first news story. I wasn’t completely confident in my abilities, and I will forever remember Elaine telling me to channel my inner NPR persona. That same advice has since helped me gain the confidence to host live on-air!"

Gil Aegerter

Matthew Martin

Podcast Producer, KUOW | Seattle, WA

RadioWest Intern, Spring/Summer 2012

"Like a lot of college seniors in their last semester of school, I had no idea what he wanted to do with my life after graduation. I had always been a fan of public radio so I emailed Elaine Clark and asked if she needed an intern on RadioWest. She invited me to the studios for an interview and then let me stick around.

Working on RadioWest was a great introduction to the world of radio and storytelling. I learned how to formulate stories and pitch my own ideas to the team. And I got to watch Doug Fabrizio, the master interviewer, at work first hand. I still think Doug is one of the best interviewers in the system. He taught me how to be prepared for an interview but also be present in the moment and react to the other person.

My time with KUER prepared me to move onto other important internships that built my career. After leaving Utah, I did an internship with Al-Jazeera America in Washington, D.C., and then I went on to work with StoryCorps in NYC. I wouldn’t have had those experiences without my time at KUER. I am grateful to the station for starting me down a career path I love so much.

I have been working at KUOW Public Radio in Seattle for the past five years now. I currently produce a podcast called The Wild with Chris Morgan. We tell stories about ecology and conservation and our host is a charismatic British guy and you get to learn interesting facts about wildlife so what’s not to love, right?"

Courtesy Ivana Martinez

Ivana Martinez

KUER News Intern, Spring 2021

RadioWest Intern, Fall 2020

“I really have loved learning about radio, because I don’t think radio is one size fits all, it can take up very different mediums. One of my first filings was about Vicky Chavez. Those are the kinds of stories I’m passionate about, and I’m very glad we’re taking time to represent those voices and to take into account the things affecting every day Utahns.”

Chandler Mondeaux

Cami Mondeaux

Digital Content Producer, KSL NewsRadio | Salt Lake City, UT

News Intern, Fall 2019

“I was a news intern for KUER during the Fall 2019 semester. My favorite part about interning at KUER was the hands-on experience and how I was treated like a regular employee — reporting on real stories rather than just grabbing coffee or doing busy work. My favorite memory from my internship was covering the Salt Lake City mayoral race on election night, which solidified my decision to cover politics. Shortly after my internship ended, I was hired as a digital content producer for KSL NewsRadio, where I've been reporting on the coronavirus pandemic, local government and other breaking news stories. I'll always be thankful for my experience at KUER because it not only taught me how to be a reporter, but also I felt like I was really making a difference."

Courtesy Michael Shea

Michael Shea

Environmental Manager for Salt Lake County | Salt Lake City, UT

RadioWest Intern, Spring/Fall 2014

“KUER gave me the opportunity to learn the art of storytelling. Weaving a narrative is something that has helped me in all aspects of life. Speaking of storytelling, I also met my fiancé at KUER but that is a tale for another time!”

Kelsie Moore

Tim Slover

Host/Producer, KUER 2012-2019 | RadioWest Producer, 2019-Present

RadioWest Intern, Fall 2011 | News Intern, Fall 2013

“What we do is tell stories, and I just want to be a part of telling good stories. I adopted a policy of always saying yes to anything that was offered to me, something to try or to do. My goal always, even before I was a producer for RadioWest, was to be something like a multi-tool for the station. I wanted to be someone who could help out with anything and everything we do here.”

Courtesy Natu Tweh

Natu Tweh

Graduate Student, Music Business and Entertainment Industries | Miami, FL

RadioWest Intern, Fall 2019-Summer 2020

“Currently I’m home in Miami, enjoying the lovely warm weather. I’m working towards my master’s degree in Music Business and Entertainment Industries online. I recently finished an internship with WLRN. I really enjoyed getting everyone into sea shanties! Leading the station in a rousing shanty or tea was always great. With RadioWest I vividly remember the team practicing our Turkish get-ups with Benjamin Bombard’s kettlebell. Doug had a great getup! Moments like these really taught me that communication and interaction with your team or co-workers is so important. When you’re able to enjoy the company of those around you, it’ll be easier to communicate in tough situations, which will help you create some of your best work.”

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