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Alliance for a Better Utah

Utah's Energy Landscape, Michael Vanden Berg / Utah Geological Survey

The fifth annual Governor’s Energy Development Summit gets underway on Tuesday.

This year’s two-day program begins with a panel of women who are helping to lead the energy industry through change.

Andrea Smardon / KUER

A coalition of Utah progressives, religious leaders, and advocates for the poor launched a campaign Wednesday to demand action on the healthcare coverage gap for low income citizens.

Brian Grimmett

Utah Republican Party Chairman James Evans is encouraging several legislative candidates to not participate in debates organized by groups that include Alliance for a Better Utah.

Judy Fahys / KUER News

A new report says antigovernment groups are gaining steam after last spring’s standoff between federal authorities and Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy. Some say Utah people and events are part of the trend. KUER’s Judy Fahys reports.

The federal Bureau of Land Management says it has sent its investigation report on last spring’s Recapture Canyon protest ride to the U.S. Justice Department.

A Utah-based good-government group applauds the move, saying the BLM should hold the protestors accountable for breaking the law.

The Salt Lake Tribune (pool photo)

The chorus of voices demanding an investigation of Utah's attorney general is growing.  The Alliance for a Better Utah is asking the Utah State Bar to look into accusations that Attorney General John Swallow helped to arrange a lobbying effort aimed at sidetracking a federal investigation of Internet entrepreneur Jeremy Johnson.

Alliance Director Maryann Martindale says, if what Johnson has been saying is true, Swallow could have violated ethical standards.