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McAdams Will Not Make An Endorsement In Salt Lake County Mayor Race

Jan 7, 2019

Rep. Ben McAdams says he will not publicly endorse any of the three candidates currently running to replace him as mayor of Salt Lake County.

Those candidates are current county councilmembers Jenny Wilson and Arlyn Bradshaw as well as Shireen Ghorbani. Wilson mounted an unsuccessful Senate campaign against Mitt Romney last year, while Bradshaw recently won re-election to the council. Ghorbani in November lost a grassroots congressional campaign against Rep. Chris Stewart.


“They’re all different candidates,” McAdams said last week on his first day in Congress. “They all have different qualities that they (would) bring to the job. I think any one of them would do a good job.”

Members of the Salt Lake County Democratic Party's Central Committee will choose a replacement to finish the last two years of McAdams’ term on Saturday, Jan. 26.

McAdams served six years as county mayor and was previously a state senator. He defeated Mia Love by a fraction of a percent in a closely-watched race for Utah’s 4th Congressional District.

The freshman Congressman is also a member of the Central Committee and will cast a vote for his replacement. But he says he’ll keep that vote private.


“I’m just going to look forward to seeing who’s selected,” he said.