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Utah Muslim Woman: "How Loud Must I Yell Before People Will be Assured?"

Andrea Smardon
Noor Ul-Hasan is an Interfaith Representative for Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake

The Islamic Society of Greater Salt Lake released a statement after it was revealed that the suspected perpetrators of the attacks in San Bernardino were Muslim. Imam Mohamed Mehtar of Khadeeja Mosque in West Valley City condemned the attacks, but also said he hoped “that Muslim communities around our nation will not be implicated for this barbaric act committed by these people.”

On Monday, Noor Ul-Hasan, a member of the Islamic Society, said in an e-mail that she struggles to convince the people of Utah not to be afraid of Muslims. Ul-Hasan talks about her personal experience.

Statement from Imam Mohamed Mehtar

Muslims from Salt Lake City offer our condolences to the people of San Bernardino. Islam does not favor such violence. Islam condemns all acts of terror. Killing people is just wrong. What Farooq and Malik have did is just wrong. As an imaam, I find these actions reprehensible and unacceptable. It is also hoped that Muslim communities around our nation will not be implicated for this barbaric act committed by these people. We will continue praying for the people of San Bernardino. May our Creator continue to be with each of you during these moments of sorrow. We also send our condolences to those affected by the mass shooting at the Planned Parenthood in Colorado a few short days ago. Our heart goes out to each man, woman, and child who lost a loved one. People must realize, as they study the Christian faith, that Christianity does not preach violence. We hope that Christians are not being similarly stigmatized due to the actions of one individual.

Statement from Noor Ul-Hasan

I am a Muslim woman who wears a headscarf and serve on many boards in the greater Salt Lake area and I don't know how to convince others that these few people do not represent the several million people who live in the U.S.  I serve on my city Board of Adjustments, I serve on Civil and Compassionate Cities for Lt. Governor and Mayor Becker, I serve on Salt Lake Interfaith Board, I am a National Democrat Delegate, I have served on a Diversity council, school councils, so I am a very active community member In Utah and I am so troubled as to how to convince the people of Utah not to be afraid of us Muslims. I have been troubled with what else can I do except deny these people as members of my faith or any faith because we all know there is no God or Allah that condones these horrible acts.  I know I am lucky to live in Utah where people of faith are the majority and have suffered persecution themselves so they have compassion for us but, what of those people that are ignorant and have hate in their heart for anyone that is different than them.  How loud must I yell before people will be assured? At the same time, we Americans must take action, we must not allow anyone except government, police, SWAT, etc to have assault weapons which are truly the 'mass weapons of destruction' in our country.  Preserve the second amendment right to protect yourself with a handgun but, endless ammunition for these weapons are not going to be used to protect yourself unless you are being attacked by an army of people.  We need to force our government to not allow any weapons or ammunition to be purchased online.  Make that illegal.  We need to "vett" weapons because we will be able to control a lot of mass shootings this way and prevent selling them to people who have mental issues.

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