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Photo of Utah Olympic Park.
Brian Grimmett / KUER

Thursday morning, Feb. 27, 2020

Animated image depicting dinosaurs
Courtesy of the Utah Department of Natural Resources

The Utah Geological Survey (UGS) packed up and moved an 18,000-pound sandstone block full of dinosaur bones Wednesday.

An artistic rendering of the dinosaur.
Todd Marshall

What has sharp teeth, big, recurved claws, and is almost as long as a school bus?

KUER's Dino Mugs — Back For A Limited Time!

Jun 17, 2019

Last year, KUER unveiled our dino mug set featuring the Utahraptor and the Allosaurus. The 14 oz mugs were designed by KUER listener and paleontologist Cory Dinter drew renditions of Utah’s dinosaurs, and they were only available for a short amount of time. But guess what — they're BACK!

Paleontologists have found a new species of tyrannosaur based on fossils in Emery County, Utah.

Lindsay Zanno found the fossilized leg bone sticking out of a grey hill in a part of Utah where landmarks get names like "Cliffs of Insanity" and "Suicide Hill."

Photo of Dino House.
Claire Jones / KUER

Some people go all out for Halloween costumes, putting hours into huge, elaborate outfits. Others prefer to dress up something else — their front yard. One Salt Lake family has been pulling out over-the-top decorations for the past six years, this year featuring a massive T-Rex, front and center.

The fossil skeleton of a carnivorous dinosaur recently found in Wyoming was just auctioned off in Paris. Paleontologists are worried the sale is part of a trend that will keep specimens from our region out of the hands of scientists.

June 1: Semi-Annual Sustainer Party

Apr 17, 2018

Hey KUER Sustainers - Join us at our Dino Day event to celebrate you!

For our next semi-annual sustainer event, we're headed to Ogden to explore the re-creations of over 100 dinosaurs in sculpture form, brought to life by robotics, artistic details and a state-of-the-art sound system. Get to know prehistoric crawlers, predators and even flying reptiles alongside KUER staff and fellow sustainers.

Zach Tirrell / CC by 2.0

State lawmakers are busy drafting legislation for the 2018 session beginning next month.  One bill could change the state fossil.

Utah Department of Natural Resources

Scientists say they’ve found the world’s first mass grave of dinosaurs killed in quicksand. The fossil block was discovered in Eastern Utah.

Brooks Britt / Brigham Young University

Utah paleontologists are telling the world about a quarry of fossils they’ve been unearthing on the northeastern edge of the state. It offers clues about what life was like during a mysterious period of time in the American West.

Courtesy photo / BLM

An active dinosaur excavation site will be opened for public tours on Friday. The Bureau of Land Management Utah is partnering with the Burpee Museum of Illinois, to conduct guided tours at a quarry in Wayne County.

Whittney Evans

Utah’s Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument is featured in Next month’s issue of National Geographic. The article explores Utah’s ancient history as a hot and swampy island teeming with dinosaurs.

The article follows a group of researchers, hunting fossils in the remote landscapes of Southern Utah, which about 75 million years ago, looked more like the Louisiana Bayou.

Lukas Panzarin

Archeologists at an open pit coal mine in Spain have discovered the most well preserved ankylosaur, ever found in Europe, but the discovery has roots right here in Utah.

Dr. James Kirkland is the state paleontologist at the Utah Geological Survey. He’s been studying dinosaurs for 40 years. Recently, he’s been working on reclassifying all of the wide, heavily armored kind of dinosaurs. So when researchers in Spain called him up to ask his help identifying newly discovered fossils, he didn’t hesitate to say yes.

Utah Paleontologists Discover New Tyrannosaurus Species

Nov 6, 2013
Karina Puikkonen

Paleontologists working in the fossil beds of Grand Staircase Escalante National Monument have discovered a new dinosaur species, a close cousin of Tyrannosaurus Rex. A new study shows the bones found are now some of the oldest in this predator’s lineage.

Mark Loewen is a Research Associate at the Natural History Museum of Utah. He shows visitors the skull and 24-foot model skeleton of a new dinosaur species with a fitting name.

"This animal which we’ve named Lythronax argestes, the name actually means 'gore king from the southwest,'" Loewen says.